Keeping the Bailliffs from your door

We've all seen programmes such as The Sherrifs are Coming and Don't Pay We'll Take It Away that show just how distressing small claims made against you can be. In an effort to remedy some of these conflicts the Engalnd and Wales court system is introducing an online process for claims up to £10,000.

In a pilot that ran from August 2017 over 1,400 people used the system and found it easy and less stressful than the current paper based system. One of the main benefits of the new system is greater engagement from defendants.

The new system is one of the initiatives recommended by Lord Briggs in his 2016 report on the structure of civil courts.

Launching the new service, Justice Minister Lucy Fraser said:

"We know that using the civil courts has been a daunting prospect for some. This innovative, quick and easy online system will enable people and small businesses to get back the money that is rightly owed to them. This is an excellent example of the work we are doing under our £1billion plan to transform the courts system, allowing people to access justice online and around their busy lives."

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