Zen Legacy was established in 2017, to provide innovative, cost effective legal solutions for our client's Estate Planning needs.


Who needs to make a professional Will?

Planning your estate and making a professional Will is one of the most important things you will ever do. By protecting your hard earned wealth and assets, and putting them in order, you can protect those people that matter to you the most.

Whatever your circumstances, to die Intestate (without having made a Will) leaves your loved ones in an uncertain and stressful position. Putting your affairs in order is one of the most important tasks you are likely to undertake.



Incorporating a Disabled Discretionary Trust enables you to appoint who you wish to make financial decisions regarding the inheritance for your disabled beneficiary, without it affecting their benefits.




A Living Will is a document designed to help clarify your position as regards to Advance Refusal of treatment. The document helps you to express your clear wishes in advance of the time when such difficult decisions may need to be made by your family and loved ones.


Inheritance tax is a type of tax you have to pay when you die; on all the assets you leave for your loved ones, like your home, investments, stocks, shares and possessions. This is normally known as your estate.

The Inland Revenue will receive 40% of your estate over the Nil Rate Band unless you plan in advance. We can legally help you and your family to significantly reduce your Inheritance Tax liability.



A Lasting Powers of Attorney is a very beneficial legal document and is usually seen as the final piece of the process in planning and protecting your estate. Through this legal document you can appoint whom you wish to manage your affairs and estate should you become mentally incapable of managing them yourself. If A Lasting Powers of Attorney has not been drawn up, joint assets can be frozen while your family applies to the Court of Protection for a procedure known as receivership – an expensive and cumbersome process.


One in four women and one in six men may require some form of Long Term Care. Last year thousands of homes were sold to pay for long term care. Not only will we help clarify your position, but we will also help you to plan ahead and show you how to protect your estate and assets from this frightening scenario.



BA (Hons), FPFS, Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered FCSI.


General Background


I have worked in Financial Services since 1972 and achieved Money Management Financial Planner of the Year 1997/1998.


I offer comprehensive financial planning, investment planning, tax planning & estate planning advice to Private Clients.

I am an affiliate member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP).

General Background

As an Associate of the Institute of Professional Will Writers I am able to take instruction from clients requiring Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney. I can also offer advice on other areas of estate planning including Trusts, Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Probate.

General Background


I provide management and administrative support to John and Patrick. I am aiming to become an associate late in 2017.